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World Environment Day 2018


Looking after the environment of our planet is our responsibility!

 World Environment Day is one of the most important dates in the calendars to encourage and promote green initiatives and appeal to people to protect the environment of planet Earth all across the globe. United Nations started this in 1974 and the event is now widely celebrated.

The theme of World Environment Day 2018 is “Beat Plastic Pollution” which invites everyone all around the globe to ingrain various actions in their daily lifestyle to minimize the heavy pollution caused by the use of plastics. The human population has constantly used plastics and consequently now relies on plastics more than ever. This has ultimately increased the burden of plastic waste on mother Earth.

With more than 100 countries celebrating green environment, India hosts World Environment Day this year. The nation has put forward various actions to support the green initiative. Tamil Nadu state government has banned the plastic manufacture and use of plastic products (except in packaging of milk, curd and medical items) for a year in the state. Taking the same initiative forward, Indian Railways has also decided to abolish the practice of using plastic boxes for food packaging and has moved to biodegradable substances for the same.

On this World Environment Day, let us come together and take some concrete actions to counter the environmental pollution. We must engrave that there is no Planet B in the universe in our minds. This is our planet and it is our responsibility to look after it and nurture it for us and for the coming generations. Let’s take a step closer towards a clean and green environment.

Wish you all a Happy World Environment Day!

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