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There are various factors that contribute to successful transformations in any organization. Any large scale change or transformation such as going from being good to becoming great involves cultural change, employee engagement, top management engagement, cost reduction, a clear vision and well-defined strategies for growth and improvement.

For any transformation big or small following factors should be considered:

  • Employee Engagement – The people who will be the part of the transformation should be engaged in the journey right from the beginning. Leaders need to identify the underlying mindset that needs to be changed in the organization. There should be a clearly defined roles and responsibilities structure for each employee who is the part of the transformation.

  • Strong leadership – Strong leadership and maintaining energy for change among employees are two factors of success that strengthen each other when implemented well. For example, when leaders ensure that there is a sense of ownership and accountability among the staff members, the results show a 70 percent success rate for transformations. When employees take the initiative to drive change, transformations have a 71 percent success rate. When both factors are implemented well, the success rate rises to 79 percent.

  • Spread the positivity – Organizations transformation should be celebrated as success and the focus should not solely be on change and the need for change. Focusing on the positives early in the journey also connects strongly with success

Companies that undertake transformational change have to succeed at the basics, such as creating clear, stretching targets and defining a clear structure.


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