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Gemba or Genba is a Japanese word which means “The actual place”. The crime scenes in Japan are known as Genba or Gemba by the Japanese detectives. But in business, Gemba is known as the workplace, the place where all the activities take place and the values are added.

Gemba, it is a place where all the problems related to work arises and the place where they can be solved. Since it is a workplace, there will always be problems related to the work area or work culture or workforce. But this is the same place, where those problems can be solved by initiating the needful changes.

Any results, the organization generates on either the financial or non-financial parameters, it is linked with Gemba. Because it is the actual place where all the activities related to the organization occur which directly or indirectly affects the results of the organization.

So, to get the best results any organization needs to carefully and properly manage the Gemba. If the organization is failing in managing its Gemba, it will never improve results on any of the parameters.

Below are 5 golden rules for practicing improvements on the Gemba:

  • First, go to Gemba: Whenever any problem occurs, the first thing one has to do is to go to the Gemba. One must visit the actual place where all the activities of the organization are being carried out.


  • Check Gembutsu: Check through the entire workplace. Minutely observe and obtain all the actual facts and data. Check each and every aspect of the place which can help you improve the results to find the reason and place of your problem.


  • Temporary countermeasures: Once you have found the problem, take immediate corrective actions on the spot for solving the problem temporarily. The corrective actions for the long run can be taken care in future.


  • Find the root cause of the problem: Once the actions are taken for solving the problem temporarily, go check for its root cause. The root cause analysis will help you find the solution to the problem in the long run. It might also help to find the permanent solution for the problem to not re-occur in future.


  • Standardize to prevent the problem: Once you have done the root cause analysis of the problem, come up with standard solutions which might help to prevent the reoccurrence of the problem.


Executed well and regularly the power of Gemba can have a substantial influence on the organization. By observing Gemba – the real workplace and the place where the value is created, and listening to the employees, team/project leaders and management organizations can give themselves a new outlook on the business and new understanding into how changes on Gemba can make products or services better for clients.

Written and compiled by Faber Priyal and Faber Mayuri.

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