Transformation Tuesday

The Journey Continues


There’s a famous quote by Arianna Huffington which says, “Failure is a stepping stone to success.” How many of us actually believe this to be true? We get distressed, demotivated, deterred and t...

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Be the CHANGE you wish to see in the world !

We have talked about change many times. Change in organization, effectiveness of change, importance of change and the list goes on. As said every time, change is a vital part of everyone’s life. Tim...

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Pandemonium Around Paris Agreement – A Global Priority

Yesterday was June 5th, one of the most important days which are meant to be celebrated every year. Here, celebration does not mean making big pomp and shows, using fireworks, colors, music or cakes. ...

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Keys to deal with Multicultural Diversities

A basic, known fact- man is a social animal. Yes, we are and the urge to be social, communicate with people, make friends remain a part and parcel of everyone’s life. We have been trained by our min...

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Don’t let WannaCry make you cry.

The most obvious, known, well-accepted fact is that we live, rather living in a digital era. We are surrounded by computers, tablets, mobile phones and many many more connecting-interconnecting networ...

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Key to Great Management

There’s a famous saying by Paul Glen- “A good manager finds satisfaction in helping others be productive, not being the most productive person in the room.” Managerial job is one of the most di...

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Boosting Productivity with Correct Employee Placement

Have you ever been seated next to an academic scholar in your school by your teacher? Or have you ever witnessed your teacher doing the same to your classmate, placing an academically poor student bes...

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Uncertainty Can’t Ruin Your Certain Business Growth

Businesses and Organizations often face uncertainty. Uncertainty could be in terms of government policies, political turmoil, financial crisis or any such random situations. Every organization, big or...

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4 Essentials to formulate Development Strategy for Leaders

Leaders-the torch bearers of companies play a very important role in the development of the organization. They inculcate the values in their organization. Organization here doesn’t just refer to a p...

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Identifying the ‘Star Employees’: A key to business success

Employee development, employee training is often considered synonymous to company growth. Needless to say, every organization has some stars among their employees who contribute majorly to the develop...

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