Encouraging each other

Get Lean to Stay Lean!

Lean manufacturing is one of the hot topics for waste reduction and manufacturing in large quantities all around the world. It is one of the most sought out manufacturing process to reduce ingrain eff...

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Steps to create an engaging and productive work environment

In the modern competitive corporate world, creating a profound engaging and productive work environment is a challenge for many organizations. The productivity of an employee is largely dependent on h...

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Drive Transformation Journey

There are various factors that contribute to successful transformations in any organization. Any large scale change or transformation such as going from being good to becoming great involves cultural ...

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Change Starts with Me!

Change is a very old phenomenon. Change has what created worlds and also destroyed them. The world we live in today came into existence with such a similar phenomenon. The changed behavior between to ...

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Focus on Energy

With competition increasing in the 21st century, our life has now become more and more hectic. Many people in today’s corporate and industrial world now face the problem of a hectic lifestyle and fi...

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Integrate safety with proper measures

We have always focused on the importance of safety and the benefits it can bring to the workplace if introduced properly. A workplace is supposed to be safe from injuries and accidents for the employe...

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Lean Philosophy – Pull and not Push

LEAN manufacturing processes are one of the most effective tools for a continual and sustainable development. They not only help the manufacturers cope up with the increasing competition but also help...

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Leaders Should Talk to Achieve Collective Goals

The world has become a difficult and competitive place to live in and it is very obvious for people to feel frustrated and annoying at times. With issues originating apart from workplace like harassme...

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Quality is the Best Business Plan

Quality has become an important and integral part of producing and manufacturing new products in the 21st century. Many organizations have upped their game in this paradigm of production and in order ...

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3 Golden rules to keep employee motivated

At one point or other, everyone has gone through a phase where they lose their motivation because of certain circumstances and become slightly sluggish. To be honest, it is very frustrating; both for ...

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