Transformation Tuesday

The Journey Continues

Strategies for India – Countries within a Country

The Indian economy has been on the rise in the recent times and has managed to gain popularity among the multinational companies for investments. According to a study, the country is moving in the pat...

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Learn from the Leaders

Leaders are the best teachers to learn from! They are the ones to carry the entire team forward with their unique abilities and exceptional methods of instigating the team with knowledge and perceptio...

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Each New Year Find a Better You!

Another 365 days flew, and we moved another step further in the 21st century. Yeah, the year 2018 is finally here and so is the season of resolutions. As a corporate, a single resolution just in the f...

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Safety Comes First!

Safety in many corporate meetings is considered as a less important topic and does not adhere enough space on the papers. Although, subordinating safety is same as subordinating production efficiency ...

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Strategies to survive the changing business environment

In today’s constantly changing business environments, many business firms still like to implement strategies on a yearly basis to hit the core of the plans and strategically improve the planning and...

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Learning – The only Process to keep you in the Race!

Jim Womack, Peter Senge, Daniel Kim and many other thought leaders have propagated the importance of learning organizations integrated into the mainframe system of an organization. Although people mig...

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Change – Where Does it Go Wrong?

In today’s fast running corporate world, transformation has become a quintessential part of the business. It is said that the more the opportunity, the greater is the chance to succeed. But, despite...

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Want to Be a Better Leader?

“A leader is a person, who just does not direct his team on how to conduct the work, but also walks the journey with the team supporting, guiding and encouraging them as per the situation.” When ...

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Work Beyond Boundaries!

A recent survey says the number of people in the global workforce will reach 3.5 billion by 2030 — and still, there will be a shortage of skilled workers. This will result in increased global compet...

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4 Steps to embark on a Continuous Improvement Journey

  In every organization there comes a point, where we want the employees of the organization, not just to improve but also to be consistent with their improvements. Lean Improvement is a continu...

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