Transformation Tuesday

The Journey Continues

Want to Be a Better Leader?

“A leader is a person, who just does not direct his team on how to conduct the work, but also walks the journey with the team supporting, guiding and encouraging them as per the situation.” When ...

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Work Beyond Boundaries!

A recent survey says the number of people in the global workforce will reach 3.5 billion by 2030 — and still, there will be a shortage of skilled workers. This will result in increased global compet...

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4 Steps to embark on a Continuous Improvement Journey

  In every organization there comes a point, where we want the employees of the organization, not just to improve but also to be consistent with their improvements. Lean Improvement is a continu...

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Purposes Aren’t Found we need to Build them

In today’s world, we cannot live without any purpose or aim in life. No matter where we are, as an individual or as an organization, nothing can sustain without an aim or a purpose to it. A life wit...

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Every organization carries out certain changes which they feel are needed for achieving the goals and aim of the organizations. Those changes are then carried regularly, and the evaluation of those c...

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Cost Management – An Initiative Of Transformation Or Strategy?

Cost management practices have been prevalent in both big and small organizations over the years. The reasons why organization suffers, is because according to them this is an initiative they have ta...

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Connecting the Dots – Leaders to Strategic Leaders

In today’s scenario, it is extremely important for every organization to have leaders who are expert with strategic excellence and have a holistic view. An organization, should try to develop the...

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How to Deal with Crisis?

Change is not welcomed by the majority. Change brings in a feeling of uncertainty, whether it is political change or change in the organization structure; team members tend to lose focus and become in...

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96 Days to Go – Make them Count !

New Year comes every year and so do our new year resolutions, but how many times have we stood by those resolutions and fulfilled them?  Have you realized that more than half year has passed by and o...

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Nine Moves to Build a Dream Team !

Do you find your employees inefficient at work? Are you planning to provide some form of motivation so that they can be more productive? Planning to give them any form of monetary or non-monetary moti...

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