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The time has come to get your organization in shape!

Structure and hierarchy of an organization plays a crucial role in keeping it firm and stable even in the toughest of the times. It is very important to have a structure good enough to support the overall requirements of the organization. In many organizations, it is seen that various posts are either left vacant or are occupied by unfit employees. Hence, removing them will ultimately add up in making the organization and its work culture more efficient and more focused towards its goals and targets.

Indian Railways has been promoting this by shedding out surrendered and weak positions every year. This year, Indian railways have decided to cast off more than 11,000 posts from almost 17 zones in order to achieve a more optimized and efficient structure. Last year, they got rid of more than 10,000 vacant job posts. Whilst this, one must not forget that Indian Railways is one of the largest employer in the world.

Why Indian Railways is doing this?

Indian railways is slowly rising from the dark and red zones and is finally on the verge of making profits again. Shaping up the organizational structure is one of the most impactful reasons behind this. Shedding out the redundant and vacant posts will not only help in getting rid of the extra baggage but will also help in becoming a more lean and fit organization with better efficiency and productivity. It will ultimately cut down the high costs incurred on manpower and will provide funds to the organization that can be used for the welfare on the parallel.

Purpose of organizational structure

Every organization has a purpose with which they were launched and are being run. They tend to thrive and overcome the struggles that crater the path towards success and excellence. In the same manner, the purpose of the organizational structure is to help the organizations stand firm in the adverse situations and guide it in fulfilling its vision with efficiency and accuracy while infusing the vision and motivation in the entire organization at the same time.

Importance of having a more efficient organizational structure

A clear, distinctive and efficient organizational structure is important to maintain in order and system in the organization. It makes the employees clear about who they report to and makes them aware of their responsibilities. In short, it protects the internal affairs of the organization from becoming a victim of havoc and chaos.

A lean and efficient organizational structure also helps in keeping the company’s approach on point and prevents it from pivoting in other directions. The reduction in costs and maintenance is a very obvious reason why redundant and non value adding positions should be dropped off from the organizational structure.

In this fast moving 21st century corporate world, being in shape has become a necessity than just an option. If you are not is shape, you will lack in the race to the top. So, start exercising the practice and motivate yourself to get the organization in a proper shape for achieving your goals, targets and vision.

Written and compiled by Faber Kishlay and Faber Mayuri

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