The Faber Process

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Team Faber Infinite along with the client team moves through the transformation journey from organization’s goals and principles down to smallest of the nut & bolts through below mentioned phases.

Faber Infinite Solutions is formed with sole purpose of crafting the transformation journey of any organization. There are boundless opportunities and vast challenges in the journey of transformation and the fabers are confident to support in discovering the opportunities, crafting the systemic solutions and polishing the method of locking the gains.

Team Faber Infinite strongly believes that victory of the organization depends mainly on three aspects which can be listed as Operation Excellence, Strategic excellence and Design Excellence.

With fierce competition, to outshine in the market it is critical to have:

  • Improved operational performance metrics
  • High quality of service with guaranteed service levels
  • Specialized expertise to drive continuous improvement
  • Increased flexibility to adapt to new demands
  • Standardized and harmonized processes
  • An execution oriented culture

Continuous cycle for 360 degree transformation, it is extremely essential to have exceptional practices in the domains of Strategy and Design along with Operational Excellence.

  • Transformation journey is initiated with ‘Alignment & Analysis/ Project Scoping’ phase.
  • A typical analysis exercise consists of initial facility visit, comprehensive data collection and analysis, meetings with different management hierarchy and specific exercises.
  • Outcome of the above intervention is a customized transformation dashboard along with the detailed implementation master plan and benefit sheet.
  • It is followed by top management conclave and several transformation interventions. Transformation interventions will begin upon finalization of goals of the journey.
  • Sustenance is assured through high power audits & reviews.

Faber methodology is a three step process which includes alignment & analysis phase followed by implementation. This is further followed by sustenance phase.

Alignment & Analysis Phase

Every organization has infinite improvement opportunities and potential along with the challenges. The prospects, if correctly identified and properly realized can transform the organization. Faber Infinite Alignment & Analysis toolkit supports organizations to identify these improvement opportunities. The Alignment & Analysis exercise is a preliminary study used as a direction in identifying the current state and the potential to transform the organization to reach to an improved state.

The Alignment & Analysis Exercise is an extensive and detailed onsite exercise conducted by the team Faber Infinite; typically, through a 5 to 10 days consulting visit. During this visit, various data points are gathered, studied and analyzed. It pinpoints at the areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the tools to be deployed for improvement.

It results in a detailed report, tentative implementation road map demonstrating what to do (along with timelines and resource requirements) and ballpark estimates of potential benefits.

The assessment provides insights and a high-level evaluation of the opportunities associated with the transformation project. It will aid the management team and decision-makers in deciding which opportunities to focus on and which risks must be managed to ensure project success.

The Process

  • Analysis: More than 20 data parameters/ ratio relating to Costs, Delivery, Quality, Capacity, Manpower Productivity, Efficiency, Breakdowns, Inventory Ratios, Safety and others are captured and analyzed in detail.
  • Faber Infinite – Transformation Audit Questionnaire: A series of more than 140 structured questions within the model are answered and a score for each is calculated. The questions are based on aspects like Foundations, Operations, Strategy, Design and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The total gives an overall score for the organization as well as individual score for each facet with respect to the potential.
  • Capturing ‘Voice of the Organization’ & People Alignment: A structured exercise (along with psychometric tool) is conducted with the top management, which encourages the team to share organizational priorities or goals as per individual departments. It is a strong enabler to capture the internal ‘voice of the organization’ and gauge the alignment of the team.
  • Gemba Visits: Along with data, the Faber Infinite team spends a lot of time on the Gemba (place of work/ shop-floor) to identify the gaps and meet managers/ team members individually, conducting various studies as required.

The assessment also supports in gauging the processes or parameters where data capturing is non-existent or difficult. The objective observations on such processes and soft issues can be built upon as stepping-stones for future journey.


  • Assessment Report: Detailed Report encapsulating all the points mentioned above. In addition to the report,
  • Tentative Implementation Roadmap: Transformation plan indicating, what tools to be deployed along with timelines for all different required themes of projects.
  • Benefit Sheet: A ballpark estimate of all the projects in terms of financial benefits to the organization in course of time.
  • Action points to strengthen frame work for continuous improvement oriented culture

Implementation Phase

During the implementation phase, the drivers for improvement (identified during the Alignment & Analysis phase) are rolled out along with appropriate training/ orientation for the transformation champions. The implementation phase shall have following elements:

  • Top management conclave to build consensus and formal rollout of Transformation Foundations
  • Establish required soft infrastructure and framework for ongoing support
  • Orientation of employees on concepts and tools required during the Transformation journey
  • Implement improvement levers as per the implementation roadmap (prepared during the assessment phase)
  • Physical Workplace Improvement via implementation of Five S and Visual Management
  • Process Standardization and Basic Stability of 4Ms
  • Supporting implementation levers like Flow Management, Rework/ Rejection reduction, Production Planning and Internal flow, Establishing Standards and putting systems in place, Manpower Productivity Improvement, Total Productive Maintenance (Autonomous Maintenance & Planned Maintenance pillars) for equipment management, Inventory Management Modules, Kobetsu Kaizen (Focused Improvement), Performance Management System and others

Detailed implementation plan is chalked out during the Alignment & Analysis phase of the implementation journey.

It is our strong belief that real value addition happens only on the Gemba (real work place) and it is ensured that the consultants work with Value Adders in the real workplace on real issues.

Sustenance Phase

Sustenance of the improvements is achieved via strong audit and review mechanism and through implementation of Daily Work Management.

Engagement Team

Engagement Team
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