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Solution for Water Solution Provider!

Faber Infinite has been associated with engineering major, which specialises in high purity water treatment plants. Since inception of the journey, several actions have been taken to ramp up the operations significantly.

The 30 year old company has now grown many folds through expansion of the product lines and entering in to new market segments for water treatment like power generation, oil & gas, automobiles, manufacturing process plants, sugar mills, captive power plants and many other such markets. Today, it is technically well equipped to handle all types of water and wastewater treatment solutions for the industry.

With vision to be the preferred Water and Waste Water Solution provider to the industry, the client engaged team Faber Infinite to build on the Operational Excellence journey. The objectives of the journey were:

–        To redesign the existing facility for the optimum utilization of the resources available

–        To inject the Operational Excellence principles to ensure the Customer satisfaction

–        Pitching forward one step ahead to retain the customer by producing a WOW effect

Implementable Solution:

Post design phase and implementation of novel ‘work-pack system’ (more about it later), the internalization phase was rolled out. To inculcate the changes, the culture building process was initiated by Five S implementation. Five S implementation is a necessity for promoting organization, safety and efficiency at workplace. The organization team was oriented to implement the Five S to enable workplace improvement & setting up the foundations for sustainable improvements.

Following structured steps were followed for the same:

–        Tailored training package on Operational Excellence was developed to suit the operational needs of the business and

–        Training sessions with all key stakeholders,

–        Followed by practical implementation of Five S & Visual Management

–        Initiating Daily Work Management practices

Glimpse from the Daily Work Management meeting at the client site


Contributed and adapted by: Rahul Desai & Raveena Rathi

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