People Excellence

Building High Performance Teams

People Excellence Consulting Services in India, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, UAE, Nepal and Others.

Along with excellence in strategy and operations, the key aspect for truly world class performance is the “People”.

Faber Infinite believes that every individual has unmatched, unique, special and distinct potential in them. The identification of this potential act as a key for a person to play his organizational role better. That’s the beginning, of making an individual the best performer and building of an excellent and exceptional team.

Thorough understanding of the client’s requirements and alignment enables us to provide meaningful insights. Faber Infinite delivers services using an interesting, well-thought and structured mix of experiential, psychometric and cognitive inputs.

An eclectic mix of activities, indoor and outbound, gives participants a fun way of reaching their own solutions and exploring their unclaimed potential. This is used very effectively in a variety of interventions from Team Bonding, Team Effectiveness, and Leadership, further to Integration of Cross Functions.

We have a fantastic team of well-accomplished facilitators, each an expert in his/her field. In People Excellence arena we offer several customizable modules to build and sustain high performance in the core areas like

  • Leadership Performance Development: Teams, Projects, Goal Setting and others
  • Emotional Intelligence: Interpersonal Relationships, Communications, Trust
  • Skill Development: Managerial/ Supervisorial Skill development, Customer service, Sales enhancement and soft skills.
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