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Operational Transformation Do’s and Don’ts

One of the keys to the implementation of Operational Transformation/Excellence principles is to become a learning organization through persistence and continuous improvement. Implementing any change initiative is difficult.  If it wasn’t, each person would be doing it, but they are not. Although many organizations begin with their journey to bring about a change in the organization, only 5% organizations are successful in implementing and sustaining it.

 The following parameters of do’s and don’ts aim at keeping organizations focused on the facts thing rather than indulging in unwanted waste.

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Operational Transformation, in fact, is hard work and it’s a challenge to keep it going. Companies that are leading the way with their ability to effectively drive it in their production operations have aligned their people, processes, and supporting technology to do so. Experience has shown that it is critically important to address the leadership and people issues as a first priority. Once these issues are addressed, it facilitates the ability to build deeper organizational capabilities and use proven process methodologies to make continuous improvements.

Written By: Faber Mayuri Pandya and Faber Devna Chaturvedi


  1. Padmakar Acharya

    It is very true that Operational excellence is not a quick fix. It is seen that the Leadership wants immediate results to be seen in the books of accounts. But you have to sow the seed and nurture it with proper strategy , result are assured but commitment is necessery.
    A good article for the OE associates

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