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The entire world recently witnessed an unbelievable underwater rescue operation that included rescuing 12 youth soccer players and their 25 years old coach from a submerged cave in Thailand. It is an exceptional rescue operation which brought relief to everyone when the news of all members being successfully rescued was put up.

The operation displayed extreme levels of courage and various individual traits that are quintessential even for us and might help us in getting where we desire to. Below are some of the lessons which we learned from the Navy SEALs from the entire rescue mission.

  • Dump the negative beliefs


Beliefs are everything. Believing in something will really push one in achieving it. However, the negative beliefs are something that will keep an individual stagnant. From this operation, the Navy SEALs showed us that refusing to believe in certain things can help you garner success. The ‘un-believed’ the fact that the mission was very tough; almost impossible, to be honest and then went on to successfully rescue the players and their coach.

  • Go ahead! Sacrifice


During the rescue mission, one Thai Navy SEAL sacrificed his life in order to save the soccer team members. He is being treated as a national hero in Thailand. This teaches us to be ready to self-sacrifice when the time comes and situation demands us to.

  • Physical strength


The mission required immense dedication and strength in order to end up being successful. Various people came forward to help but in the end, it was the physical strength of the people involved that helped them in drilling down to the cave. Physical strength plays a very crucial role in helping one in moving forward. A physically fit body is the home for a healthy soul and that is we all should try to achieve.

  • Mentally obstinance


Along with physical toughness, mental reluctance is also very important. Physical toughness is definitely an important factor, but having a strong mental determination is far more important in journey or mission.

  • Train yourselves


Navy SEALs train extensively on a regular basis in order to be the rescuer they are in actuality. Similarly, we should always at least train ourselves at our levels to be competent in our lives. It is always easy to do things in actual situations which we have already done on training sessions.

  • Be patient for results


Results might take time to be in your favor. The rescue mission took more than 12 days in order to be completed. The same can be applied to our day to day lives and ingrain tactical patience for a better and efficient life.

  • Ingrain modesty and humbleness


Modesty and humbleness have to be a distinctive characteristic in one’s lives. You must have the humility to step back and ask for help when you need it instead of being an egoist person. Thai Navy SEALs demonstrated a brilliant act by asking for help from foreign civilians who were expert in some skills which the SEALs did not possess.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri.

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