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Lakshya- Wakeup call


We all made kept some targets to start 2018 with and run towards achieving it in the calendar year. It was the passion which we had for our businesses that kept us going for all these years and motivated us to do something more every year. With the arrival of 2018, we again made some promises to ourselves and set some targets to achieve in the coming 12 months.

Well, half of the year is over now! In fact, the first quarter of the calendar year has passed and it is time for us now to analyze and evaluate our progress we have made towards our ‘Lakshya’.

Every other organization took some resolutions at the start of 2018 in order to do and achieve more. However, it is human nature to gradually forget things and rush back to the old routine. This might have happened with some us and thus, this blog post is a reminder to all of them to buckle up and start working towards achieving your targets and goals.

Transformational journeys, change management plans and other developmental programs have been some of the most opted targets by a number of companies at the start of the year 2018. However, the question that arises here is how many of us has achieved or even made some progress towards achieving it.

The second half of the year will not take long enough to get past and hence, we all must make arrangements to achieve our goals.

Time is of the essence in contemporary industrial world. It needs to be valued and used efficiently for optimum results. The year 2018 is a turning and crucial year for many companies after the implementation of various economic strategies like demonetisation and Goods and Services Act (GST) by the government. We all made various programs, strategies and arrangements to formulate the potion for success.

Let us look at the steps that can be taken for getting back on the track:

  • Find the reason for missing on milestones: The first step that needs to be taken is to find the reason for the missed milestones. Also find out what made you set that milestone so that can help you remind its importance. Once you remember that, you will be able to get back on track.


  • Make realistic and measurable targets: Few goals seem to be fascinating but not necessarily achievable. Make realistic goals that can be efficiently achieved and measured. Not necessarily it has to be made keeping your comfort zone under consideration. We will have to make our way out of the cocoon for the success to make its way to us.


  • Prioritise your time: You need to prioritise the things as per there requirement. The target that you have set needs to be priorities by time so that it can be achieved timely and efficiently. Given the proper time and attention to the required target will help you achieve that efficiently.


  • Get yourself a consultant: Consultant are those that help you with your journey to achieve the set target. They will tell you what is being done wrong and what need to be done right to achieve the targets.


  • Distribution of resources: To achieve the goals, proper distribution of resources is necessary. It needs proper time and attention to find the gaps and to fill it with proper recourse.


‘Lakshya of an organization is what fuels and drives it towards excellence and motivates it to achieve sustainable and continual development. It is time now that we take a look back, analyze ourselves and our work and plan the next half of the year accordingly. It is time that we buckle ourselves up, take things in our hands, lead the team and contribute our part in helping the organization achieve the ‘Lakshya’ that was set at the beginning of the year 2018.

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