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Key Lessons on Leadership!

As a part of our ‘Transformation Tuesday’ Series, we are glad to share another fab article on ‘ 7 Key Lessons from the Best Leadership Books of the Past Decade’.

What does it take to be a great leader?

Leading a team or company is always a challenge. In any organization, effective leader has to face this challenge to keep the team and the organization in sync. Not only do you need to manage the roles and responsibilities of your team, but also you need to inspire them to be beneficial to the organization and help them develop as individuals.

However, the most challenging situation is that there is no ‘one size for all’ in the journey of transformation and success. Leaders have to change their approach on the basis of the personality, skill set and the composition of each and every team member. Great leaders also have to learn these types of skills regularly.

In this graphic below, the most insightful, well-founded leadership tips have been picked from the most popular leadership books from the past decade.

TT- 3 November

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