Transformation Tuesday

Encouraging Each Other


Brainstorming is one of the key drivers leading to a chain reaction of ideas. In this Tuesday article, we share 5 key drivers for leading a successful brainstorming exercise.

Certainly groups are not indispensable to stimulate creative thinking. Furthermore, in a group everyone should listen to others and invest time repeating own ideas to get sufficient attention.

The outlines for a successful brainstorming exercise are i) developing a central idea, ii) fleshing it, and iii) the residing idea can be revitalized with the help of other teammates.

The idea has to pass through various strata so that it can turn out be an innovative one. It is always possible to newly analyse the output of a brainstorming session in a second group, to try to improve solutions even with other tools – even more conventional. It is crucial that the ideas generation phase is disjointed from the judgment phase of thinking.

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