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Gamification: Shift in Training Trend

As the famous quote goes – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Just imagine if fun or play element is embedded in the workplace training and learning experiences. The same has been incorporated by Faber in its unique fun learn fun technique as well. As the organization needs to upgrade the skills needed for various individuals, Faber Infinite content development and delivery team have evolved several simulation exercise and games to enhance the learning experiences and improve the efficacy of the training modules. This, in turn, helps the employee to develop skills by fun method yielding to higher retention and leading to improved performance for the organization. Faber Infinite offers a wide range of training programs across industries and sectors as well as across functions and positions via combination of simulation games, group exercises, group activities, class room tutorials coupled with experiential learning.

Below are glimpses of training sessions conducted by Team Faber Infinite

1. Preview of the training session at world’s leading locomotives manufacturer: Power packed training modules on Lean Principles & Application in Software Development were conducted for Young Leaders at world’s leading locomotives manufacturer in India.

Objectives of the training session were:
• To understand the foundations of lean management via simulated factory
• To understand the wastes/ inefficiencies in software development and manufacturing as well
• To understand the importance of lean management along with proper understanding of Operational excellence and Six S in business
• To know how lean can be applied in software development

Participants who represented various streams were delighted by the outcomes and learnings.

Some of the feedback shared by the participants: Participants who represented various streams were delighted by the outcomes and learnings. Some of the feedback shared by the participants:
• Fun learn & fun concept of training makes the training extremely effective
• Real life example reference helps to understand the topic easily

2. Preview of the training session at one of the leading Bearing manufacturing organization: As part of a 12-month training plan, yet another training workshop with the objective of highlighting Importance of Operational Excellence Skills via simulated games was conducted at a leading bearing manufacturing organization in India.

The key takeaways of the workshop were:
• To understand the foundations of Operational Excellence (OE) via simulation exercises
• To understand the OE Foundations, 8 Wastes in Lean and its importance
• To understand how to identify different Wastes on Shop floor
• To understand 6S and its importance
• To understand the method of implementing 6S and its benefits

The training program was extremely well accepted and highly appreciated with overall training program feedback of 98%. Few feedbacks shared by the participants is as follows:

  • Points very well delivered with simulation games with a lot of ease and details
  • All topics are helpful for growth of the company and many such training programs should be done

3. Preview of the training session at one of the established textile manufacturers:
Yet another training session was successfully delivered on Good Manufacturing Practices at one of the established textile manufacturers.
The objectives were delivered via group exercises and simulating real situation by means of games. Some key elements touched during the session are as follows:

  • What is Lean or Operational Excellence?
  • How Lean Works? How can it be applied to your place of work?
  •  What is Six S?
  • How to cultivate Total Employee Involvement?

Faber Infinite has rich experience in the field of training and development. We have been successfully delivering training programs at clients from different industries and sectors across the globe. Training and development should be a continuous process in the organization. It should be a journey as every phase will need a newer version of the employee and the organization. And this shift in the training trend has been yielding extra ordinary results across the globe.

Written By Faber Mayuri Pandya

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