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Friday Fact – Chalk Circle By Taiichi Ohno

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Do you know, that in “The Toyota Way”, Jeffrey Liker talks about standing in the chalk circle? This is in reference to a legendary exercise by Taiichi Ohno, the father of Toyota Production System which then inspired Lean Manufacturing.
Taiichi Ohno would make a manager stand in a chalk circle drawn on the shop floor. His objective would be simple: “Watch.” Several hours later Ohno would come back and ask “What did you see?” Usually, he would have spotted some issues earlier and would want the manager to watch, learn and see it. So if the response of the manager was something other than what Mr. Ohno had already seen, he would tell the manager to watch some more. This would continue until the manager saw the issues Mr. Ohno had seen.
The idea was not only to train the employees but it also helps to understand the issues and improvement opportunities in more details.
Are you observing processes in your organisations? Are you standing in the circle? Are you practicing the chalk circle?

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