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Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time

Any work one does, he/she is expected to do that right in the first time itself. The quote signifies that one needs to do things right for the first time so that the supervisor does not have to redo the task that has been assigned to the employee. Doing right in the first time itself improves the work quality and manages the work better.

Quality should be the priority of any organization. Organizations at times focus on safety than quality and lastly volumes. But this at times causes major recalls.  For example, a renown automobile manufacturer encountered severe quality problems in 2009-10 when they had to recall 5.3 million vehicles. Even with an organization which is supposed to be so quality cautious how could defective products enter the supply chain? The reason for the defect was that the organization pursued growth over the speed of production. Had they pursued quality it would not have been the case. As the organization addressed quality issues, the product lifecycle increased by 4 weeks but the end product was error free and perfect to go to the market. Thus an effective quality management program led to better quality processes/systems and best quality outputs/products.

This in turn, would lead to higher customer satisfaction and improved profitability. Quality management ensures a culture of continuous improvement. It imbibes a culture where every touchpoint in the supply chain is error-free and ensures greater profitability.

Organizations are using different tools and techniques that focus on quality and eliminate waste in the process of development. Some of the basic tools and techniques are as follows:

  • Flowchart
  • Checksheet
  • Pareto Chart
  • Histogram
  • Fishbone Diagram / Cause and Effect Diagram
  • Scatter Diagram
  • Control Chart

According to Ishikawa, Japanese organizational theorist, 95% of quality-related problems can be resolved with these basic tools. The Pareto Chart and Cause & Effect Diagram are two tools that are used most widely by process improvement teams.

Lean practices can also be used to improve the quality. Error proofing technique like Poka-yoke is an extensively used tool, which helps in the implementation of Zero Quality Errors. The Poka-Yoke technique can be applied both to prevent causes, which will result in subsequent occurrences of errors and to carry out low-cost control determining whether to adopt or reject the analysis method. Structured Problem Solving frameworks like 8D methodology also holds good for quality control and management.

Other techniques include Six Sigma methodology that is based on the Total Quality Management framework to achieve very low error rates. To achieve six sigma organizations must not produce more than 3.4 million defects per million products.

Team Faber Infinite has been working with organizations across sectors from Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa to improve quality. We have helped organizations implement quality programs using different tools and techniques. Some of the tangible results delivered in Engineering industry using quality management tools and techniques are as follows:

  • Customers were also satisfied with the manufacturing unit’s products since we also helped the organizations improve the quality by more than 71%.
  • We helped organizations reduce rejection by 12%
  • We helped organizations to reduce the overall manufacturing cost by 33% using quality improvement tools.

Quality is the most important aspect of every organization. Quality control and management should be ingrained in the culture of the organization. So it is rightly said “Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time” – to achieve profitability and growth. To know more about our quality management and quality control offerings kindly contact us on or +91-9909921685

Written and compilled by Faber Mayuri

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